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Q&A With Miranda Rae Mayo


What brings you to Edinburgh?
Curiosity! Word on the street in America is that this place is “amazing” “incredible” and a “must see”.

What do you love about Edinburgh?
This hotel, for one. It just may be my favourite place I’ve ever stayed.
I love the history here. And I love how the city feels very modern while still glorifying its historical background.
The food I’ve had here has also been spectacular as there are so many vegan options everywhere, and the people I’ve met were all so warm and genuine. 
I also felt very welcomed as a tourist which doesn’t always happen - that was a major bonus.

What has impressed you the most about The Edinburgh Grand?
I feel like I could write a 10 page thesis on this subject. 
My suite (the Directors Suite) was the most luxurious room I have ever stayed in, it was GORGEOUS. The bedroom, the sound system, the bathtub. All so divine. 
The food was delicious, the coffee was also very good and there was oat milk!
The staff made my stay in Edinburgh absolutely unforgettable. Love you all! 

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